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Inspiring women in her community to be great

As a leader of her organisation, Charlotte revealed to the Northsider that she would not rest until she has sufficiently promoted empowered women.

Little Falls resident, Charlotte du Plessis is a proudly South African, 65-year-old woman who describes herself as a warrior visionary who has chosen to move beyond past labels and limitations.

The founder and CEO of Woman of Stature Foundation was born in 1956, the same year that marginalised South African women protested against the Pass Laws and the inequitable rights of South African women.

Charlotte continues to demonstrate that age or any other challenge has nothing to do with owning a vision and relentlessly working on a big dream.

“I have chosen to celebrate and allow the gift of cultural diversity to serve my grandest vision of uniting and empowering South African women from all walks of life under an organisation which I birthed eight years ago, called Woman of Stature.

“I believe I am now leading other women to march towards greater levels of sustainable economic and psychological freedom through the powerful, national networking and empowerment platform which my organisation has created,” said Charlotte.

According to Charlotte, Woman of Stature seeks to celebrate diversity in all its forms. It also seeks to bridge cultural and social differences.

Charlotte du Plessis. Photo: Supplied.

As a leader of her organisation, Charlotte revealed to the Northsider that she would not rest until she had sufficiently promoted empowered women to change the socio-political-economic landscape of the country in which women are still under-represented in the work force, marginalised socially and domestically abused.

“It is my vision that Woman of Stature channel this message and provide a voice for the de-voiced women.

“The South African story was birthed during Covid-19 because of the need to support women who were adversely affected by lockdown.

“Woman of Stature recognised the need to raise funds for women who will not have access to any of the government funding, or funding from any existing interventions due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

“We have realised that much of the funding initiatives provided by government or other sources have either run out, or do not recognise all women who are not being assisted by these existing interventions,” said Charlotte.

Over the past eight years, Charlotte committed herself to the empowerment of women strategically to align with industry leaders who are resourceful and able to give women access to high-quality mentoring and training.

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