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Plagued by potholes

JOBURG – Potholes in Norwood and Lyndhurst have become a major concern for local residents and no solution has been provided as yet.


Norwood and Lyndhurst residents recently lodged numerous complaints with the City of Johannesburg regarding two large potholes in the suburbs.

The first massive pothole situated on the corner of Osborn and Arthur roads in Norwood seems to be getting worse. Local resident, Toby Goldman said, “It has been in its present state since, I think, April this year. Water has been and continues to pour out of the hole.” He added that it then flows down the side streets nearby.


Ward 73 councillor, Mia Snyman said the request to the City to fix this pothole had been previously ignored, but she promised to follow up with the relevant authorities. “The pothole [in Norwood] has turned into a splash pool. This has been escalated to the senior management of the City in Region E as well. This is a dangerous situation and intervention by the City is urgently required,” Snyman said.

Another pothole causing concern for residents is on Lyndhurst Road in Lyndhurst. According to local resident, Marjorie Montgomery, the road where the pothole is situated is slowly eroding away.


A massive pothole in Lyndhurst is eroding at a fast pace.
A massive pothole in Lyndhurst is eroding at a fast pace.

She said City Power dug a hole to repair a broken cable in the area, and now, three months later the hole is still there. “I have reported the issue to City Power and they gave me a reference number, but nothing has been done.”

No comment was received from City Power by the time of publication.

Johannesburg Roads Agency spokesperson, Bertha Scheepers said they were unaware of the potholes and promised to follow up on the issue.

”  The potholes have been scheduled to be repaired on the week of the 18th to the 22nd of July,” she said.

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