Girls on a mission to solve SA water crisis

PARKTOWN – The water crisis has urged South Africans to use water sparingly and remember that it should be preserved.



With South Africa currently facing a water crisis, five girls from Parktown High School for Girls were given an opportunity to present a project at Wits Integrated Experience in Science and Commerce competition against 24 other schools around Gauteng.

The five girls, Tanweer Madhi, Leia Singh, Sara Vanker, Tao-Mae van Heerden and Kelly Mitchell, were placed among the top three schools where the girls achieved fourth place, tying with another school.

The girls were challenged by Wits University to come up with an initiative on how our country’s water crisis can be solved and went on to research the issue and presented their ideas at the presentation event on Friday, 23 March.

One of the learners who took part in the water project was Kelly Mitchell, who said to her, being part of the competition broadened her outlook on the water crisis in South Africa. “Completing this challenge allowed my fellow teammates and I to critically think and evaluate our possible ideas, considering all their problems and benefits. We were able to analyse problems that don’t really affect us yet, here in Joburg, but are on the horizon.

“The challenge also enabled us to think about situations in a different light. A lot was learned during the course of the challenge such as developing new skills, attaining new analysing abilities and learning how to really work as a team. Much of what we learned will be used in future tasks.”

The headmistress at Parktown High School for Girls, Tracey Megom, said they pride themselves in subjects such as maths and science and make sure that their girls at Parktown High excel in them. “I am very proud of these girls who took the initiative to participate in this project and did very well, without any assistance from a teacher. One of the skills we teach our girls is to be independent and we are trying to get them to extend their knowledge and skills in areas that interest them. These girls have done exactly that.”

When the schools were asked whether there would be some kind of compensation or if their idea will somehow be implemented, Megom said she was unaware but hoped they could be implemented as they were good ideas.

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