Try Feng Shui to feel happier working from home

Using various Feng Shui principles, you can make the most out of working from home as well as achieve great energy and a work-life balance. Watch the video below for more:

According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, you can promote good energy in your life by using certain principles that will create harmony between you and your environment.

As many people work from home, some have reported feeling less focused and productive than when working at the office. Using the Universal 8 Aspirations Theory of Feng Shui, you can create a conducive work environment at home.

The north side of a home is said to be connected to career and water, which is why Feng Shui dictates that working while facing north will bring peace and clarity over your work life. Added to that, those with creative careers are recommended to work out of the south side of their homes, a Feng Shui principle that is explained in the video above.

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