TV weekly must watch

We’ve rounded up three great shows you should keep an eye out for this week.

Start with a crime drama series that centres on a young man, who, with overwhelming evidence against him, stands accused of murder. Then watch an actor who is set out on a mission to transform the lives of eight young people through a course of intensive physical training. Or opt for a survival horror series about a group of video game developers that become trapped in a real-world version of their own creation.

A young unnamed defendant stands in the dock accused of murder. He has fired his barrister and is now representing himself. It seems to be an open and shut case. But is it? The defendant starts to tell us a story. A love story where he falls in love with a girl named Kira. Their love story shatters when she disappears. His search for her ends up embroiling him in London’s underworld. Watch You Don’t Know Me on Netflix.

Inspired by his own transformative experience of boxing, as well as his observations of a township boxing club during a trip to South Africa, Golden Globe-winning actor Idris Elba set up his own “fight school” in the UK to empower young adults facing challenges such as poverty, crime and mental health issues. In Idris Elba’s Fight School, eight young Brits are put through an intensive course of boxing training to arm themselves with discipline, ambition and mental resilience – and hopefully, change their lives for the better. Working with some of the UK’s leading boxing coaches and life mentors, the recruits train twice a day, six days a week – all to be able to compete in an official amateur fight in the space of just five months. Now showing on BritBox.





A group of gaming engineers get hit by an electromagnetic pulse – and suddenly they’re ‘in’ their own game – and the survival horror starts. Catch Pulse on Showmax from June 23.

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