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No control at Sandton Gautrain Station’s drop-off zone

SANDTON - Motorist Lynne Newby is concerned that other motorists, Metro police and the Sandton Gautrain station security guards are being held to ransom by meter taxi drivers.

“It should not be an option for them to set up their business at our drop-off zone,” said Newby.

She said she had experienced quite a bit of inconvenience over the past year with meter taxis parked at the Sandton Gautrain station drop-off zone.

“When the station first opened, the security guards would not allow me to stop at the drop-off zone for longer than 10 minutes without ushering me out,” explained Newby. “That drop-off zone was run like clockwork and moving constantly. How the standards have slipped two years later.”

Newby does not understand why the meter taxi drivers do not get charged or removed for parking at the drop-off zone.

“If I parked my car there it would be impounded with or without me in it,” added Newby. “Please help us get back control of our Gautrain drop-off zone.”

The Gauteng Department of Transport said an official comment would be provided soon. However, no comment was received at the time of publication.

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