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VIDEO: Tips to help you survive the holiday season

JOBURG - Whether it's dealing with loud and noisy relatives, catering for hordes of people, wrapping endless gifts, or standing in long queues, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be just as stressful as any working week'.

As many prepare for the inevitable commotion that Christmas and New Year bring, here are some handy tricks that will assist you in increasing productivity and efficiency for the many practical activities and, sometimes mundane, tasks related to the holidays.

  •  For the bustle of entertaining crowds during the holiday season make the best use of ordinary crockery in your house. Place a wine glass in the centre of a bowl of crisps or crudités and use fill with dip.
  •  To save time in the kitchen, there’s a handy trick for peeling a lot of potatoes at once, whether it is for potato salad or a large bowl of mash. For this you will need a power drill, a clean, brand-new and unused toilet brush and a sturdy bucket. Watch the you tube video:
  •  Wrapping paper can be made more manageable by placing it in a foil-wrapped empty toilet paper roll.
  •  In case of another infamous blackout, you’ll want to maximise as much light as possible. Place a cellphone under a bottle of water to better distribute the light.
  •  Don’t lose your Christmas ornaments when the season is over. Store them safely by using an empty egg carton, it keeps them protected and gathered in one place.
  •  For a great touch, freeze dollops of whipped cream to add to hot drinks.
  •  After creating decorations that involve glitter and glue, use a lint roller to clean up the residual mess off tables and furniture.
  •  When packing for the holidays, save space in your suitcase by rolling your clothes rather than folding them.

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