Sandton Licensing Department renovations almost complete

SANDTON – The station is expected to open soon.


Although the renovations to the Sandton Licensing Department in Marlboro has seen several delays, the revamp is nearing completion.

According to Werner Smit, Ward 109 councillor, he recently conducted a site visit to the department to view the progress.

He said the construction is virtually finished. “There was a hiccup with the cabling which they are working on, but once that is done the provincial licencing department has to come in to reinstall their hardware which communicates with the central national database for motor vehicle licences and driving licences.”

Smit said they will start with that once the contractor is off-site and that the current estimation is that it should all be done by 3 December.

“They do acknowledge that with this pilot project they severely underestimated the time span of a project of this nature which has caused inconvenience to the public at large.”

He added that the end product does look good and will dramatically improve the interface with the general public.

“They have also put a number of measures in place to counter the operation of touts working illegally from the premises,” Smit ended.

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