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How to be a good pedestrian

JOBURG – Road safety is still relevant as ever as we have heard time and again of pedestrians getting hurt on the road.

With schools back in full swing, parents, teachers and learners should be mindful about road safety. 

And not only learners but pedestrians in general, some might think that they already know signs to look out for before crossing the street, but this is not the case. We have heard time and time again of pedestrians being hurt or killed on the roads.

Watch this learner cross the road:

Road safety is still important and people still need to be informed, Netcare 911 provided these nine easy steps to keep safe as a pedestrian:

  1. Walk on the sidewalk: If there are no sidewalks, walk close to the right of the street, facing traffic
  2. Stop before crossing: Never run or dash out into the street
  3. Cross at only intersections: When available, cross at the zebra crossing when safe to do so
  4. Obey the traffic lights: Always look at all traffic signals before crossing road, take note that not all motorist adhere to the rules of the road
  5. Look left then right before you cross the street: Cross the street when all traffic has come to a complete stop, continue to look left and right when crossing the street.
  6. Wear bright clothing: During the evening, wear light and bright clothing with reflective stripes
  7. Look out for turning traffic: Try to make eye contact with the driver
  8. Watch out for vehicles turning out of driveways: Check for signs that a car is about to move in a different direction
  9. In emergency situations call Netcare 911 on 082 911.

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