Bresica House learners knit teddies for children and the elderly

BRYANSTON – Learners, teachers and parents showed their giving spirit on Mandela Day.

Brescia House School once again supported Mandela Day in a variety of ways across the school.

This included hosting their increasingly popular “Knit-along tea” that is held in the yarn-bombed Resource Centre Hub. Guests at this year’s event included parents, grandparents and residents from Nazareth House. Hundreds and hundreds of beautifully and lovingly created knitted and crocheted items were produced by pupils, parents, grandparents and staff across the school community over the last six months. All of these items will be donated to various registered non-profit organisations working with orphaned and vulnerable children and indigent elderly.

Liz Norman, the head of counselling and community outreach at Brescia House School said, “Our community outreach projects are aimed at helping either orphaned and vulnerable children or else elderly folk who have been abandoned by their families and so have no-one in the world to care for them. The numbers of children that are in places of safety or foster homes is horrendous, so we try to reach as many as we can in some small way.”

Norman added, “It was in fact a young child from Childline’s Sunlight Safe house [an emergency place of safety for children who are removed from their homes], who told me personally a number of years ago that the teddy he had received from our school had helped him rethink what sort of people were in the world. Up until that day he thought (and his experiences had confirmed) that all adults were cruel and didn’t care about children. When he got given a brand new teddy to keep – so not to just play with for a little bit and then have to share with others and put back onto a shelf, but one he was allowed to own and take home with him – he couldn’t believe this gift was real. It was an experience I will never forget and it made me realise how very small acts of kindness can go a very long way in the heart of someone else.”

Brescia House School wishes to thank everyone in their community who contributed by knitting teddy bears, beanies, scarves and blankets.

Details: Brescia House School 011 706 7404.

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