Be aware of fuel theft!

SANDTON – Sandton Police Station gives their tips to avoid fuel theft.

The Sandton Police Station wants to make petrol station owners aware of fuel theft.

According to Captain Granville Meyer from the Sandton Police station, fuel thieves do three things which could quickly give them away: Conceal their identity, concealing the identity of their vehicle and they make a quick getaway.

He added that it is important for managers and owners to be aware of certain behaviour. “Forecourt attendants should be familiar with these behaviours and know what to do if things go wrong.”

Captain Meyer warned attendants that if they are suspicious of a customer, they should do the following:

  • Take your time to assess the vehicle. Has the vehicle’s number plate been removed, covered up, restricted or tampered with and is the vehicle in a poor state? Are any of the doors open while the vehicle is being filled? Are the lights on and the engine still running?
  • Look out for any customers covering their face with a hood, hat or helmet, who are concealing themselves behind their vehicle or are using the pump furthest away from the store/nearest to the forecourt exit.

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