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Caring4Girls and the Dis-chem Million Comforts campaign congratulate Mendy

Team of the Imbumba Foundation's campaign, Caring4Girls, with their partners, Dis-chem Million Comforts campaign, were excited to announce that one of their beneficiaries is currently on a successful pursuit to her living out her dreams.

Mendy Sibanyoni, who has been the beneficiary of the Caring4Girls campaign created by Sandton-based organisation Imbumba Foundation, recently started her internship journey with Dis-Chem Pharmacy.

Sibanyoni was also supported by the Dis-Chem Foundation’s Million Comforts Campaign during her high school and tertiary studies.

Both campaigns focus on tackling a social issue which has greatly affected the country and various parts of the world – period poverty.

The young student, who is currently doing her third year at the University of KwaZulu-Natal completed matric 2019. “I was born and raised in Luphisi Village [Mpumalanga]. Through the love and care of the Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Imbumba Foundation, I was one of the fortunate girls to be supported throughout my high school days with sanitary pads every month.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal student, Mendy Sibanyoni hopes to open her own pharmacy in her home town one day. Photo: Supplied

There was never any money for luxuries and sanitary pads for many of the girls in my schools. Sanitary pads would’ve been a luxury for all of us if it wasn’t for the support of the Imbumba Foundation,” said Sibanyoni.

She expressed her sincere gratitude towards both entities, “I will forever be grateful for the dignity and pride Million Comforts and Caring4Girls has instilled in me. It was not only the sanitary pads but the fact that someone out there cared enough about our future, motivated us and believed in us. I felt that I, therefore, had to believe in myself too and be the best I could be.”

The student is determined to complete her degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy and to live out her dream of opening a pharmacy store in her home town.


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