Roar Bistro and Bar welcome public

Guests of the Roar Bistro and Bar located in Sandton give the launch of the establishment the green light.

Representatives from various media publications joined the team of the Legacy Group as they launched the newly constructed Roar Bistro and Bar in Sandton.

Located just directly opposite the Sandton Convention Centre, the restaurant and bar opened its doors to reporters, entertainers, and chefs for a detailed tour on September 22 just before the official opening. Legacy Group which owns the facility had their operations director, Glenn Stutchbury, discussing their innovative interior design after the organisation completely changed the establishment from Parc Ferme to the Roar Bistro and Bar.

Operations director of the Legacy Group Glenn Stutchbury gives his guests a tour around the establishment to show them the inspiration behind the designs. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

“Since Covid-19, everyone’s had to rethink and reinvent themselves and we strongly believed that we had to get people back together. That is how the concept of small plates came into existence. We wanted to create an atmosphere where people can share a little bit of everything within the small space thus creating a bond. We’re just giving people what they want: a good time filled with good food and drinks,” said Stutchbury.

Chef of the restaurant Atma Mahadea shares his time with media guests to describe his vision for the menu. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

After the conclusion of the tour, executive chef, Atma Mahadea, and the restauranteur consultant, Larry Steenkamp, presented the guests with their edible creations. Ranging from Mediterranean to local cuisine, individuals returned clean plates, without a single trace of food.

Restaurant consultant Larry Steenkamp introduces guests with smiles at the launch of the Roar Bistro and Bar. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

“Myself and Larry worked on the menu with the concept of introducing ‘small plates’ to the consumers. We want people to not feel the pressure of finishing their meals quickly when having conversations or planning on departing, it’s all about timeless enjoyment. Our menu is inspired by both international and local food so there is a bit of everything for everyone,” concluded Mahadea on the vision of the menu.

Futhi Masilela says that the highlight of her tour at the Roar Bistro and Bar was the food. Photo: Motlatsi Mailula

“I’m that friend who usually takes a nibble from everyone’s plate and it really creates that bond because it invites others to also do the same, it’s a place for a feast,” said participant, Futhi Masilela.

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