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The success of a puppet show at the local market

Puppet shows serve as a gentle reminder of the enduring power of simple joys to uplift the spirit and unite communities in celebration of the human imagination.

The vibrant bustle of the Bryanston Organic Market always promises a tapestry of sights and sounds, but on Human Rights Day, it became the stage for an enchanting spectacle with a puppet show.

The puppet show captivated the hearts of all the children who were watching. With nimble fingers and hearts brimming with creativity, Margaret Auerbach of the Spellbound Puppets brought to life a cast of characters that danced and pranced with an uncanny vivacity.

Each puppet was a work of art, meticulously crafted to convey its unique personality, from the wise old sage to the mischievous sprite.

Brooke du Buisson, Cerys Bullock Pharoah and Annabelle du Buisson enjoy the show.

Auerbach said she started doing puppet shows in Standard 7, which is now Grade 9, and till now she still plans her show and decides what puppets and props she will need to make or find.

“I do a lot of educational work with the puppets. Some of the themes include anti-bullying, anti-littering, kindness to animals, water conservation, sea life, astronomy, changing seasons, nature, transport, pets and pet care, friendship, and many others.”

She added that her shows are very interactive, and the puppets ask a lot of questions and ask for suggestions for solving problems, among others.

“This helps gauge where the children are and if they are following the story. Audience participation is very important, and when I do shows at schools, sometimes the learners come up to help the puppets with various things as part of the show.”

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