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Morningside Country Club hockey teams win the weekend

Morningside continues to enjoy spectacular hockey games at the country club.

Men and women from the Morningside Country Club and In-Touch Sports respective teams faced off in an exciting exhibition of league hockey in Morningside on April 7.

In-Touch Sport men’s player Sheldon Prim and MCC captain Dale Koster scramble for the ball.

The MCC Men’s third team met their counterparts from the visiting team, who learned how dominant MCC hockey players can be first-hand.

In-Touch Sports player Kevin Qui.

The home side was victorious at the end of the fourth quarter with a comfortable 3–0 lead.

MCC play Tim Shorts keas the ball in play. Photos: Lebogang Tlou

The women’s match followed, delivering an exciting showcase of equally-matched hockey. Both sides vied for a lead amid the sound of clashing hockey sticks and coach encouragement for either side.

In-Touch Sports player Taheera Mooi looks to get past MCC player Caitlin Wittal.

MCC Women’s second team were playing against the visiting In-Touch Sports first side. Their game translated into a beautiful battle between two warrior teams on the hockey field. Both teams were tied at 0–0 by the end of the third quarter, towards MCC Women 02 side scored their first penalty at 07:50 minutes left in the second half.

In-Touch Sports’ 14-year-old star Kutlo Morule attempts to block a pass from MCC player Emma Dukes.

MCC women emerged victorious with a 1– 0 lead against the visiting team at the end of a delightful game to have caught in live-action.

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