Teamwork between JW and JRA on Achter Road

JRA have responded with information shedding light on how Achter Road came to be riddled with potholes.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) issued a response about the condition of Achter Road on April 10.

JRA acting regional operations head of department Khayalethu Gqibitole said, “It is actually water leaks that create potholes on the road. “Alternatively, excavations to repair water pipes can damage the road surface, though these areas are later repaired or reinstated.

Few things are as unpretty to behold as potholes on the road.

“JRA is aware of the reinstatements through routine inspections and communication with the Joburg Water as well as through the wayleave process.”

Gqibitole said that JRA and Johannesburg Water have been working together to repair roads needing reinstatements. He implied that progress had been impacted by the process of procuring contractors to deal with reinstatements.

“The JRA in-house teams are currently working on reinstatements in various regions. The impact will probably be seen as soon as the contractors have been appointed.”

In conclusion, Gqibitole encouraged Sandton community members to keep logging the issues they encountered in their areas with JRA.

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