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Tennis ace ready for African Junior Champs

BRYANSTON – Sarah Millard believes she will have to adapt to the environment, altitude and styles of tennis in Algeria.


Bryanston tennis ace, Sarah Millard (16) will represent South Africa at the African Junior Tennis Championships tournament in Algeria.

Sarah has been playing for her country at school level since June last year but this will be her first tournament playing at a national team level and it will be the toughest and most important tournament in her budding tennis career so far.

“I am very excited to go play for my country in Algeria,” Sarah said.

“This is a huge honour and a huge opportunity for me in my tennis. Overall, I am very excited and ready to show them what I’ve got.”

The youngster added that challenges she expected include adapting to the environment, the altitude and styles of play.

The tournament is from 25 to 29 June.

“I have been playing tennis for 11 years and I love the game so much. I am very passionate when I play points and when I train. It is very important that you find your passion and I am so thankful for all my supporters.”

Sarah also expressed gratitude to Advantage Tennis Academy, which is based in Blairgowrie, and her coach, Gareth Gibson for ‘unleashing my true character’.

Sarah Millard believes she has found herself in tennis. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

“To the up-and-coming generation, I just say – enjoy the sport as much as you can and let it unleash your true character and your own style and rhythm for the game.”

She concluded that what makes a good tennis player is not how many hours of practice they put in, but how much effort they put into the hours of practice.

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