Haval take on “The place of the Rising Sun”

As part of an outreach expedition, Haval took journalists on a trip through Mpumalanga.

A group of South African motoring journalists along with some Haval executives has set off to visit Mpumalanga which translates to “The place of the Rising Sun” in Swazi, Zulu, Tsonga and Southern Ndebele. Starting in Johannesburg the group set off on the first leg to Nelspruit utilising two Haval H9’s, two Haval H6C’s, a Haval H6 1.5 Turbo Luxury and a GWM Steed 5E Double Cab bakkie. The first meeting point was the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, where additional journalists joined the trip.

From there the group headed straight to the Haval Mbombela dealership to meet dealer principal, Johan Pretorius, and join in the handing over of two new vehicles to new customers. After the proceedings, the group hit the road in the direction of Sabi River Sun. The next day saw the vehicles take on 111 km or road heading towards Graskop and ended up at the infamous stretch of road known as “22” which includes exciting twists and turns.

The third day saw the journalists adopt a tourist approach visiting attraction points such as Pinnacle Rock, Gods Window and Blyde River. The day’s activities ended at Graskop gorge where some explore the natural forest while some brave journalists participated in bungee jumps and bridge swings. The expedition is only on its halfway mark with more exploration and driving to be done in the Haval and GWM vehicles.

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