Chery believes in inclusivity

Chery has recently expressed its intention to include all manner of propelling technologies.

This includes petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles, hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), electric (EV) and range-extended electric vehicles (REEV), and fuel-cell driven electric vehicles (FCEV) in their planning going forward.

“At heart, Chery is a technology company. We are investing heavily in vehicle and propulsion technology, including safety systems, new types of engines, electric propulsion and artificial intelligence. The success of any innovation that comes from Chery is measured by one thing – if it makes Chery ‘fun to drive’,” said Tony Liu, executive deputy general manager of Chery South Africa.

Its new internal combustion engines offers up to a 45% improved thermal efficiency and significantly better fuel economy compared to other similar capacity engines in the market.

Various configurations of Chery’s ACTECO range was introduced into the market in 1999. The range have since been expanded to offer from 800cc to 4.0-litre engines.

The 1.6 TGDI engine is found in, among others, the new Chery Tiggo 8 Pro. Now in its third generation, this engine delivers 145kW and 290Nm with a thermal efficiency of 37.1%.

The ACTECO engine range in the Tiggo 8 Pro is one of the many reasons why this vehicle was voted the most high-tech SUV by the Russian 4×4 Club and the Media Choice – Midsized SUV at the Russian SUV of the Year Awards. It was also chosen as the 2020 Chinese National Car of the Year.

Considering Chery’s success in international markets like Russia, one can understand its enthusiasm about its return to the South African market.

Source: QuickPic

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