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Makhura speaks to constructions and infrastructures people

Gauteng Premier David Makhura said they want transparency and policies to be implemented within the construction and infrastructures fields.

VEREENIGING.- Makhura was speaking at a meeting specifically for the Construction and Infrastructure business people held at the Vereeniging City Hall, last week.

He openly said that as the ANC national government it is clear that whatever development is being done it is meant to empower black business, disabled people, youth, women in the business industry. Makhura further said that 30% is for the construction tocbe empowered in their geographical area where the project is operating. It was a meeting that can let business people to show the quality of their work.
“This is not for starters or people who want to go into business but those who are already in the platforms.”

Makhura emphasized that no criminal is wanted within the project.

“There’s no bribery for people who want to access 30%. The government will not be allowed to be bullied by those who want to hijack projects. In Gauteng we want to have one system on how the main and local contractors operate,” said Makhura.

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