Mieke (8) lives to dance

Mieke Lubbe's little star shines bright after she recently performed excellently at several dance competitions.

VANDERBIJLPARK. – At the look, Mieke Lubbe is shy and hides behind her mother, Monique. Quite confused with the strange aunt who wants to talk to her.

She is par excellence an introvert, until she is unleashed on a stage. Mieke is only 8 years old, but she has already made her debut as a dancer on an international stage.

Mieke Lubbe (8) with the medal and trophy she won in Ireland. Photos provided

She participated in a dance competition in Ireland from 3 to 8 August this year. Here she won third place for Lyrical and an overall seventh place for Jazz.

The competition was presented by the World Lyrical Dance Federation and dancers from, among others, South Africa, Northern and Southern Ireland and Scotland participated.

She was barely back in the country when it was time for the Del Arte Eisteddfod and the Show Your Talent competitions. At Del Arte she danced an excellent A++, but it was at Show Your Talent where Mieke really shone.

She won gold in the qualifying rounds and was invited to the gala night where she not only won gold, but earned the highest score of all the age groups for Jazz.

Now she heads to New York where she will participate in the international Show Your Talent next year.

Her first introduction to the international stage was more nerve-wracking for her mother, Monique and her dance coach Leandi Goosen from Just Dance Studio than for her.

The two admit that before each of Mieke’s performances they first talked to each other over a video call and just cried together.

Super proud of the youngster who has already achieved so much. Mieke has been dancing since she was three years old and enjoys every moment of it. She also plays hockey, but her dancing always takes precedence.

She dreams of becoming a veterinarian one day. At home, her best friend is her dog Njala, a St. Bernard who is taller than her.

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