Best of South Coast 2023

ABOUT Readers’ Choice Awards

The Best of South Coast 2023 winners have been chosen by our readers. Congratulations! We applaud our winners in each of the 45 categories – they are a shining example of service excellence. Our official auditors, Chantel Elliot & Co, have counted a record-breaking 79 635 ticks, where readers voted in both print and online.
A big thank-you to the South Coast community for supporting our local businesses over the past year and rewarding them for good service by casting your votes.

Their success has helped boost the economy of our region and is an inspiration for local businesses to strive for excellence.

We salute you

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LOCAL Health & Beauty

LOCAL Food & Leisure

LOCAL House & Garden

LOCAL Manufacturers

LOCAL Professionals

LOCAL Motoring & repairs



Chantel Elliott

Since 2012, Chantel Elliott and Company has been counting the numbers as the official auditors of the Best of South Coast Readers’ Choice Awards annual competition.
The hard work, attention to detail and up-to-date accounting system has enabled the company to count those numerous votes that have come pouring in through online and print entries every year. Top efforts to deliver an excellent service are to be applauded by all the businesses that were voted for in the competition.
The South Coast Herald says ‘thank you’ to Chantel and her dedicated team for their sterling efforts in making sure the voting process is audited fairly and efficiently.

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