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Festival aims to be a beacon

It is an attempt to bring the beachfront back to life.

The South Coast Herald and the E’byoza Girls events compnay have teamed up to launch what is hoped will become a hardy annual, the Lighthouse Festival, on the newly revamped Port Shepstone beachfront. The inaugural festival is set to take place on Heritage Day, Tuesday, September 24, which also doubles as National Braai Day.

The festival will be advertised in various Caxton newspapers throughout KZN and the media group’s national web site, looklocal, in a bid to draw the crowds. The programme is still being finalised, but envisaged are:

· Beach sports events like aerobics, fun run/walk, volleyball, five-a-side soccer and a tug of war with teams representing their particular heritage.

· The beachfront will be open for stalls to be erected at which people will be encouraged to showcase their heritage either through food, clothing or traditional goods.

· Various cultural organisations will be encouraged to take part in a Lighthouse Carnival with floats and people in traditional dress.

· A braai/potjie competition, dancing and live music.

Another initiative is for townspeople to ‘own a piece of Sheppie’ through their community organisations. The idea is for organisations identify a spot and sponsor a bench, garden, dustbin or whatever the budget allows where they can proudly display their organisation’s logo.

Nobody can dispute that the beachfront revamp was long overdue and it is hoped that the festival will pave the way for it to becomesomething of which the town can be proud. If you would like to share an idea or book a stall, phone Jean at 082 3728369 or e-mail marketing@psprecast.co.za.

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