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Tweni Talk: Thieves are caught red-handed

Captain Cecil Kodi posted a photo of the recovered goods and Tig Howie was reunited with his furniture.

WELL done to members of the SAPS! Last Thursday two suspects were apprehended near Port Shepstone Country Club with stolen patio furniture and covers, proving the Tweni WhatsApp groups work. Captain Cecil Kodi posted a photo of the recovered goods and Tig Howie was reunited with his furniture.

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Please remember that if you give someone something as a gift (furniture or appliances) and they need to carry the article on public transport, it would save a lot of time and trouble if they are given a letter stating that the item is theirs and not stolen.

Grab some bargains

Marcia McGarry reminds everyone that the Lions will be holding a jumble sale at JTV Centre today,  Saturday (30th) from 7.30am. There are some nice antique goods available, as well as other interesting stuff, so please support this event. Contact Marcia at 072 3384223 for more information.

Easter show

Don’t forget to diarise Wednesday, April 17. The Golden Singers are hard at work rehearsing for their Easter concert at the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church.

Good idea

It has been suggested that everyone keep water in reserve at home so that if load shedding or Ugu problems interfere with supply, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Your scribe reported a leak in Shrike Place and received acknowledgement from the Ugu sms line 44751, but the leak is still not repaired. There are probably many more left unchecked.

Take heed

Pedestrians are warned to please be careful whilst walking in Tweni. Two accidents were reported last week – one involved a golf cart and one a 4×4 vehicle. In both instances, the drivers lost control and smashed into a wall, one in Mgazi and one at the intersection of Park and Norman Roads.

Kyle Solomon of Tweni was absolutely fascinated with the large crabs and other marine life during his holiday in Morgan’s Bay, Eastern Cape. He says that this crab was by no means the biggest one there!

Happy holidays

Bon voyage to Shelly Wetherill who is en route to Cambodia. Congratulations and welcome back to Audrey Legett – she recently went to the UK for the birth of her grandchild. The Solomon family spent a wonderful week on vacation with friends in Morgan’s Bay, Eastern Cape, and young Kyle was fascinated by the large crabs and other marine life.

Something to celebrate

Congratulations to Josh van Eeden for his milestone 21st birthday on March 24. Happy birthday to Bronwyn Clark and Kerry Lee Jesson (25th), Kyle Allan, who turns 18 on March 26, the same day as Justin Maisch, Norma Clark and Craig Botha (28th), Matthew Thomas (29th) and CPF vice-chairman Tinus Greyling (30th).

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