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Resident sets record straight on ‘illegal’ connection

Eskom is well aware of Jimmy Otto's electricity connection and is in the process of fixing it.

The owner of Lot 1312 Penshurst Road in Ramsgate, Jimmy Otto has set the record state regarding an electricity connection outside his property, allegedly seen as illegal by neighbours.

The Herald received information that the connection was illegal and posed a danger to the community. It had been reported to Eskom and local police, however it had not been attended to.

Otto said it upset him to read that his house had an illegal connection. The connection was done by Eskom in October last year, after he experienced several faults.

“Eskom connected a cable to the street meter as a temporary solution to my electricity problems. As we speak, they are busy fixing it, and a meeting will be held with its management on when a team will be sent out to bury the cable underground,” said Otto.

He said whoever speculated that it was an illegal connection had no right to give information to the media without speaking to him.
Otto said he was aware that the street meter box remains open, however this is as a result of the connection and rusty hinges on the box.

“The box does pose a danger, however it is known to Eskom, and I am paying for my electricity as my meter is running. Eskom even connected the street light a little further from the open box, to ensure that there is enough light on the street,” explained Otto.

The street meter box from which Eskom connected a cable to Jimmy Otto’s house.

He urged concerned neighbours to be understanding and that the connection will be sorted out soon, however it all depends on the availability of Eskom’s technicians and contractors who will be carrying out the work.
An enquiry was sent to Eskom to confirm whether it had made the connection, however no comment was received at the time of going to press.


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