Izotsha swimmers show mettle in pool

Reminder: The High School Fair will be held in the sports hall on Thursday, February 22 from 17:00 to 19:00.

Izotsha Primary‘s swimming team competed at Creston College’s individual gala last Thursday.
They placed second overall, 10 points behind Southcity.

Skyla Nadauld, Ella Leonard, Olivia Bowne, Ella Bunge and Peter Koegelenberg were awarded their SKZN colours.
Ella Leonard and Ella Bunge attended the KZN Swimming Championships last weekend. Ella Bunge achieved one gold and three silver medals.

Cricket was played against Southcity. Both the U11A and U13A lost their matches by narrow margins.
The Grade 7s hosted a Valentine’s Day fundraiser last Friday. They are grateful for all the wonderful support that they received from their parents and learners.

They enjoyed the team work involved in organising, setting up and decorating their stalls. There was a busy, happy vibe throughout the sports hall as learners from different grades supported them. There was even more excitement as they sold off their final items.


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