LOCKDOWN BLOG: 26 things I have learnt so far from Covid-19 – Day 23

If you haven't used this lockdown period to better your life, you'd better start self-reflecting NOW.

To be brutally honest with you, if you haven’t learn’t anything from this lockdown period, you need to have your head read.

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You need to think how you can change what and how you consume and how it is affecting the planet.

(If you are eating live frogs and fish in some stupid quarantine drinking game – you have learnt NOTHING!)

Here are the 26 things that I have learnt from this lockdown period:

  1. Be grateful for the smallest of blessings.
  2. Look after your health.
  3. Admire the natural beauty around you.
  4. You live in a community – be involved in helping those around you.
  5. There is always room for improvement or change.
  6. Find your inner passion.
  7. Never give up – there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel.
  8. If you are NOT happy – change it.
  9. Attitude is everything.
  10. Respect everything from the tiniest ant or monkey to your parents.
  11. Keep self-reflecting.
  12. Be kind – nasty words are unnecessary.
  13. Pay attention to detail.
  14. Stop and enjoy the moment.
  15. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
  16. We’re at the controls on planet earth, but we’re not in control.
  17. Remind yourself that this too shall pass.
  18. Laugh – when last have you laughed until you wanted to cry?
  19. Find a skill – and be a cut above the rest.
  20. Get rid of toxic people in your life. 
  21. What energy you put out into the universe – you will get back.
  22. Be content to be alone.
  23. Use TIME meaningfuly, and be productive.
  24. Love – it’s the greatest gift you can give anything.
  25. Only leave footprints. Be aware of what and how you consume – recycle and reuse.
  26.  You only live once – be happy! Like, seriously deep-down HAPPY!


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