OPINION: What of the Sudanese plight?

"Is it of no consequence to the world that Sudanese women and children are being slaughtered?"

It is such a pity that our wonderful government, under even more wonderful leadership, chose for, perhaps political gain, to flag wave for the Palestinian nation who are now bearing the brunt of the IDF militia’s war on Hamas.

I do feel desperately sorry for the people in the doomed Gaza enclave.

I feel more especially sorry for the children who cannot rationalise why and how their worlds have been disrupted.

They will suffer PTSD for years to come. They will have been robbed of their youth.

Strange though that, although this Palestinian state debacle goes back years and years, the actual spark that lit the IDF fuse was the attack by Hamas on the people attending a music concert.

My question to our government is this: notwithstanding the good intention to save the Gazans in the Middle East – what about the civilians who are being killed in Sudan?

Is this not also verging on genocide? Is this not a conflict closer to home?

They are Sudanese citizens who, technically, are Africans.

So, why are we not raising the issue of that terrible war with the AU and marching for their protection and a stop to the war of attrition?

Is there no political gain?

Is it of no consequence to the world that Sudanese women and children are being slaughtered?

After all, according to Trump, Africa is a s***hole!

So, to the world, perhaps the same descriptive noun applies to Africa as a whole, and our government knows those sentiments and, therefore, turns a blind eye.



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