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Oslo Beach TikToker goes viral

The 22-year-old said the first video she made was on a Sunday at the beach.

Eating a few raw mussels and making a tin fish sandwich online made Juhi Sanam Maharaj trend on social media.

Now bragging over 15 500 followers and 160 000 likes on TikTok, Maharaj told Fever that when she first started, she was unaware that she was creating content that the public would find interesting.

The 22-year-old from Oslo Beach said the first video she made was on a Sunday at the beach.

She explained that she usually collects fresh mussels off the rocks, and while doing so she enjoys eating a few raw.

“My dad had the idea to video it and share it online, not realising what interesting content it would be, my first-ever video got over 100 000 views in less than 24 hours. I realised how impactful my videos can be and that’s what sparked my love for content creation,” she said.

She added that making a tin fish sandwich at the beach is what made her trend mostly.

Maharaj said many people enjoy a tin fish sandwich, saying that what she did differently was to post it on a public platform.

“It took off, sparking intense debate as to whether you should or shouldn’t be cleaning your tin fish. Who knew South Africans were so passionate about their tin fish,” she said.

Speaking about the type of content she creates, Maharaj said: “My parents have taught me many life skills and I lead a different lifestyle to many girls my age. I enjoy going fishing with my dad and eating trotters and beans with my mum. We live in a society where only things on social media are seen as fashionable.”

The former Sheppie High learner added: “I share my lifestyle on TikTok to show my generation that it’s cool to know a few life skills like cleaning a fish or making a fire, it’s cool to be connected to your family and culture and eat those generational classics like freshly cut chicken, tripe and trotters. The most important message I wish to share through my platform is that you can have the best of both worlds, you can have all of this as part of your lifestyle while having your nails done and being all dolled up.”

She joined TikTok in June 2023 and she considers herself a part-time content creator.

Maharaj explained that the attention she has been getting after going viral has felt surreal, and that she is still getting used to seeing her name pop up on radio.

She said would love to one day make an income through content creation, adding that one does earn from TikTok itself but from collaborations or partnerships.

She added that her aim as a content creator is to use her influence to focus the spotlight on Port Shepstone and the amazing small businesses dotted along the coast.

“I aim to build my platform and followers, to bring awareness to issues on the South Coast and to boost tourism as much as possible. The support I have already received has been so generous. I only ask for their continued support and engagement. Follow me on TikTok/Facebook (Juhi Sanam Maharaj),” she said.

Juhi Sanam Maharaj aims to one day monitise her content creation.


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