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Zweli Mkhize visits ward 11 in Umzumbe

Fever Local News | He said that there will be differences among politicians but they should not make it personal.

Zweli Mkhize, an ANC National Executive Committee member, visited Umzumbe last week where he said that politicians have a right to campaign wherever they want and that they should not be stopped by other politicians or political parties.

He also said politicians should not use offensive words or violence.

Mkhize, the former minister of the Department of Health who resigned in 2021, visited Ward 11 in Umzumbe municipality last Thursday.

This ward was led by the former speaker of the municipality, Sbonelo Maphumulo, who is now a member of the MK party.

A by-election will be held on April 24.

“We plead with every political party to be patient with each other and let there be peace. We don’t want any bloodshed because we believe those days are over.”

Mkhize said that there will be differences among politicians, but they should not make it personal, they should also allow the community to choose who they want and let them vote freely.

He said whoever wins Ward 11 will be proud that they have won it, without any bloodshed or violation of other people’s rights.

Also, he pointed out that he is aware of the challenges that people are facing in the ward such as roads, RDP houses and water issues.

“One of the reasons why people in this ward could not get service delivery was because of the councillors who were expelled. They were not fulfilling their duties which led to people suffering.”

When Mkhize was asked what will the ANC bring to the people, he said he is aware that a lot still needs to be done but people must also be aware that they have done a lot.

He said attempts are being made to bring down the cost of living and root out poverty in communities.
He also mentioned that they will keep on encouraging young children to get an education, as well as those who are in universities and colleges to complete their studies.

Mkhize then visited families in the ward.


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