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Teen tackles commercial farming

The 18-year-old who started a garden in 2022 said it has been hard watering his plants with water from a single tank that he owned.

A career in agriculture is not only reserved for old people or those from humble beginnings.

This was a sentiment shared by Sibonelo Mbuthuma, who recently received a water tank from Umuziwabantu Municipality.

The 18-year-old, who started a garden in 2022, said it has been hard watering his plants from a single tank.

Living outside Harding, he sells his produce in town and to people who approach him directly.

He plants corn, cabbage, onions, and other vegetables.

Mbuthuma said the new water tank will be useful, saying that he will now be able to water his whole garden without worrying about filling the tanks.

“I did not have a lot of water because of the capacity of that one water tank I had,” he said.

The water tank was handed over to Mbuthuma by the Mayor of Umuziwabantu Municipality, Sboniso Zungu.

Mbuthuma explained that his love for agriculture was fuelled by his late aunt, who loved gardening.

He said he had approached her to find out how to start his own successful garden.

“My aunt was an honest woman; she told me to contact the municipality’s Local Economic Development department. She advised me to start with my little garden so that when the government came to assist, they could see that I have started working,” he said.

He added that his dream is to one day become a well-known and successful farmer.

The teenager added that he wants to teach young people about agriculture.

“I want them to see and know that you can make a living and sustain yourself through this profession. Coming from humble beginnings does not mean you cannot be a farmer. Farming is not only for the poor or reserved for subsistence farmers. And you don’t have to be old to start farming. Young people can be successful farmers as well,” he said.

He asked Zungu whether the municipality can assist in buying sprinklers, saying that he was tired of using cans to water his garden.

Zungu said although the Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Affairs (Edtea) within the municipality does not have funds, Mbuthuma must reach out to them, saying that the department has a programme called Operation Vula, which caters to such requests.

“We will install sprinklers for him to help with watering his garden,” he said.

Sibonelo Mbuthuma (right) speaks to the Mayor of Umuziwabantu Municipality, Sboniso Zungu.


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