Warthog cheats death, dragging leopard to burrow

A leopard was left in disbelief and hungry when a warthog showed remarkable strength in its fight for life.

Stephanie McClendon (33) captured a warthog’s incredible battle for life against a leopard that was certain it had its meal secured.

Sharing her video footage and sighting experience with Latestightings.com, McClendon says that their guide spotted a leopard while looking for lion tracks.

They turned off the road and approached a termite mound where the leopard was spotted.

“Within just a few seconds of the leopard being in clear sight, there was a commotion, and it managed to catch a massive warthog by its throat. The leopard bit down as hard as it could, securing its deadly grip, but this was one of the biggest warthogs I had ever seen, and it refused to go down without a fight,” says McClendon.

The warthog’s burrow was less than two metres from where it was caught.

“During the chaos, the warthog somehow managed to keep a clear head. It knew the best thing to do would be to get back home to its burrow. The leopard, on the other hand, was using all its power to keep the warthog from getting there.

“The struggle went back and forth, and for a moment we thought that despite the warthog’s size, the hungry leopard would almost certainly tire it out at some point, but the strength of the warthog was incredible, and it amazingly managed to overpower the leopard, all while being choked. It inched closer and closer to its burrow, pulling the leopard with it. Eventually, it managed to reach the entrance of its home; so close, but not safe yet.

“The leopard then spread its back legs and dug them into the sand, and with all its strength, it managed to slightly pull the warthog away. But this was too little too late for the leopard. The warthog was just too big and much too strong. It made a final tug and was able to get half its body into the hole.

“The fight at this point was basically over, and the leopard knew that. It reluctantly let go, and the warthog scurried backwards into the safety of its burrow.

“The defeated leopard paced up and down the termite mound until it just sat in disbelief at its loss.”

*The location of this fierce battle was not given in the information that accompanied the video.

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