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Amanzimtoti fighters make the KZN training squad

A selected few MMA fighters have been chosen for the KZN training squad and are undergoing intense training in hopes of being chosen to represent KZN at the SA Nationals.

EIGHT fighters from Bushido MMA Gym are undergoing intense training, with the goal of securing spots at the South African Nationals that will be held in Durban from April 18 to 21.

Following trials a few weeks ago, the dedicated athletes have been selected for the KZN training squad in hopes of being chosen to represent the KwaZulu-Natal side.

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Under the guidance of their coach, Greg Thomas, who emphasises the importance of precision in fights and the necessity of avoiding injuries, the athletes have embarked on a rigorous training regimen.

“It’s not a standard cage fight; it’s a round-robin where athletes could have multiple fights in one day, so it’s important that they are clinical and don’t get hurt. Aside from physical fitness, we also place emphasis on the mental aspect of the sport, both before and during a fight,” he said.

Bushido MMA Gym’s Jonothan Rorke, with coach Greg Thomas, has been selected for the KZN training squad. Photo: Supplied

Comprised of six male and two female athletes across various age categories, from youth to senior divisions, the team reflects a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. They are Demi-Shaye Thomas, Brendan van Zyl, Kyle Clark, Jonothan Rorke, Tinus Stoop, Jade Grundlingh, Kewyn Kapp and Kaden Neilson.

As the athletes gear up for the nationals, they are fully aware of the stakes involved. “Success at nationals could earn them a spot on the SA team, paving the way for international competition and the opportunity to earn their Protea Colours,” said Thomas.

He said a few of his athletes have been selected for nationals in the past, so they have an idea of what to expect. “Nonetheless, the team remains driven and determined to make the most of this chance to showcase their skills at the highest level of amateur MMA in South Africa,” said Thomas.


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