Update on Spur murder case at Palmridge Court

DAY five of the Spur murder case concluded on Monday, March 7.

DAY five of the Spur murder case concluded on Monday, 7 March.

Day four of the case saw the continuation of cross-examination of Mr Geddie (witness number two).

“It appears from the video that someone hit him, but I could not see who. The deceased fell against the wall in a seated position, then they started kicking him and he slumped down to the floor,” said Geddie.

The defence portrayed the deceased as the instigator, saying to Geddie, “You cannot dispute that accused two, three and four were victimised by the deceased, being called racist names and that the deceased threatened to kill the girlfriend and her family of accused two.”

“I cannot dispute it, nobody witnessed it, and the video does not have any sound,” replied Geddie.

On day five, the defence and prosecution were called to judge Singh’s chambers, seemingly to discuss certain problems regarding procedures and evidence.

Upon returning, the judge stated, “Both defence and prosecution have failed dismally to follow procedures during the trial and even pre-trial, regarding processes pertaining to the evidence. The point of pre-trial is to avoid any problems such as this, but now we have wasted an entire week on this case, lots of money and resources that are now gone.”

The judge went further by postponing the case again, two years after the incident occurred.

May 3 will go to finalisation of the testimony of witness number two: July 25, 26, 27; and August 1, 2, 3 and 8.

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