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Spring has sprung and isn’t it wonderful. Trees are bowing with blossom, bright green buds and leaves are appearing, the birds are chirping earlier every morning and it’s fantastic to be able to shed some layers of clothing. With that though comes exposing more of our bodies and my, oh my, this can be a scary thought! All of a sudden arms and legs are showing and looking pale and dimply!

Body treat

At the beginning of Spring I think our bodies all need a bit of a makeover, it won’t break the bank either.

Sorbet’s line is very reasonably priced, also Nivea products and Body Shop. Buy a fruity body scrub, moisturising body cream or body butter, a pumice stone or skin buffer, choose a new shampoo and conditioner and cleansing bath foam or oil. Body scrubs are a fantastic way to get rid of dead skin cells and straight after you feel really invigorated. When you step out of the bath or shower, towel yourself dry and apply lots of moisturising cream to your whole body, taking extra care with elbows, knees and feet. Comb through wet hair with a wide tooth comb, use hair mousse for extra body and style.

Apply light make-up, definitely mascara, and blusher and lipstick. Don’t forget to apply sun cream, especially to your face and neck, and any other exposed skin which has been hiding from the sun. You’ll feel and look amazing and ready to face the world, well the South!

Book Club

Are you interested in joining a book club? Marijke Hansen is 26 years old and lives in Mulbarton. “I have tried many ways to start a book club to no avail. Would you like to become a member of a new book club? Please phone me 071 355 8193 or e-mail: I’d love to hear from you.”

Picnic time

Spring is when the weather is usually good and after hibernating for a few months a picnic is a great way to get together with family and friends. Everyone can pack their own picnic (food) and utensils, chairs and rugs, not forgetting the sun cream.

Woolworths has a super range of plastic eating utensils, plates, etc. A 20-piece picnic set which includes four plates, bowls, tumblers, forks and spoons costs a mere R199. Plastic platters, ideal for serving sandwiches, cocktail snacks, crisps, biscuits and cheese, cost R59.95 each and four pack outdoor glasses at R89.95. If you want to make a punch they also sell a big plastic jug for R150.

Lemons of the Week

To the rude man who swore at Rina at Second Avenue Shopping Centre, Verwoerdpark. “My husband had parked our car on Thursday September 12 at 10:10 and I remained in the car while he went to a shop. The vehicle parked in front of us, a white Chana bakkie, rolled back and bumped our car. I got out to have a look if there was any damage and the next thing the driver of the bakkie, a middle-aged white man, swore at me. I never even had a chance to say anything to him. He really was foul mouthed and it was disgusting.”

* I received a complaint from Miguel after he went to Southern Locksmith and was quoted R145 to cut a transponder key. When he paid for the key and was charged the R145, he was annoyed as he thought the shop assistant had said it would cost R45. I spoke to the shop owner, Roger Ferguson, who told me, “Unfortunately there is no way we can only charge R45 to cut a transponder key. The customer obviously misheard the amount we charge and was upset with us.”

* From Elizabeth King, a huge bag of lemons to the salespeople (usually young men) of the Premier Dead Sea Products outlet at The Glen. “The Glen used to be my favourite shopping mall but since this shop opened it is almost impossible to get into Pick n Pay or the home industry nearby, because I’m virtually accosted by these people who will not back off, even though you tell them you are not interested.”

I also had another complaint about the very same young men and women at Premier Dead Sea products at The Glen. The lady said, “One of the saleswomen ran after me to try and get me to purchase something! I felt very uncomfortable.”

That’s it for this week. Phone 011 724 7064 or e-mail:

Shop till you drop!


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