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Soccer fan wins over R400 000

A South African soccer fan spent R24 on a Soccer 13 bet last Saturday September 28 and won a massive R401 913!

JOHANNESBURG – Soccer 13, hosted by Svenska Spel in Sweden, is a multi-match bet in which the results of 13 games must be correctly forecast to win the main dividend. There are three result options to choose from in each match – a win by either team or a draw – with consolation payouts for forecasting 10, 11 or 12 of the games correctly.

There were 24 winners of the all 13 pool last Saturday. The SA winner played a R24 permutation entry with two choices in each of four matches and only one choice in each of the other nine games. Soccer 13 costs R1.50 a line and the winning entry comprised 16 lines at a cost of R24.

There are three Soccer 13 pools weekly and one or more of the pools regularly returns a huge dividend. On Saturday September 21 the only winner of the all 13 pool won an amazing R15.6 million payout.

Soccer 13 is one of several soccer pool bets offered by South African tote betting organisation TAB. For more information visit www.soccer6.co.za

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