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Fans gear up for Gymkhana GRiD

Ken Block’s Gymkhana GriDwill be heading to Carnival City.

IT’s not all about a smooth ride for the normal passengers. In fact Gymkhana GRiD takes all fear out of you, but for those fans who loves the smell of tyres and a showcase of driving skills, it’s all fun.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana GRiD, sponsored by Monster, will be heading to Carnival City on November 18 and 19, where the drivers will showcase their skills in their impressive built-up auto masterpieces.

The Gymkhana GRiD is a fast-growing sport and the two-day event will see some of the best drivers from abroad in action.

Celebrating its sixth year, this slaying competition includes a racing format a little unknown in the country.

IT’S ALL TYRE-BURNING FUN: Motoring fans can head to Carnival City for the Gymkhana Grid to watch the best of the best.
Photo: Annette van Schalkwyk

The GRID demands strategic manoeuvring through narrow gaps, around barrels and moreover in walled-off bollard obstacles. Contestants within their horsepower machines have the chance to go head to head, and against the clock, on the custom-designed GRiD.

“Gymkhana GRiD has been growing year on year, and to have it expand to an incredible country like South Africa is very exciting. I’m really looking forward to it,” said Ken Block. “When I was last there for Clarkson, Hammond and May Live in 2016, my team and I had such a warm welcome. South Africans are very passionate about motor sport, and I enjoyed my time down there a lot. We have some big plans in place for the GRiD track this year – it’s going to bigger and better than ever before!”

NOT TO BE MISSED: Gymkhana Grid will be all motor entertainment for the fans.
Photo: Annette van Schalkwyk

Gymkhana GRiD will not only attract drivers from Europe but also local drivers, who can enter in the qualifying rounds beforehand in order to rub shoulders with the best drivers in the world.

Well-known drivers who will be in action include Riku Tahko, Luke Woodham, Jason Webb, Petter Solberg and Terry Grant.

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