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Guard against crime, warns police

Police warn residents to be cautious.

BRIGHTON Beach SAPS officers are concerned about the lack of awareness and personal security of residents and urge people to be responsible.

While on patrols in the Brighton Beach SAPS policing area the officers have noted people are not taking precautions to protect their property and themselves.

According to communications officer, Captain Louise Le Roux, property gates and doors are either left open or closed but not locked.

“Lounge and dining room curtains are not drawn, indicating how many people are home and if they are male or female, placing the occupants at risk. We have found vehicles idling while the driver has either exited to collect an item from the home or is locking up the garage.

We have also noticed people just malingering outside premises in groups of two and three and no calls being made to the police to report suspicious individuals.

At public places we found vehicles parked with valuables on the passenger rear floor and back seat, lying in plain sight. Vehicle doors were also unlocked and some windows of vehicles were winded down completely,” said Capt Le Roux.

She urged people to take precautions.

“When you create opportunities through complacent attitudes, crimes like theft of or from motor vehicles and housebreakings occur, stolen items go into circulations, a demand is created, and property-related crimes increase.

By being vigilant and taking the necessary precautions to block out opportunity crimes, you support SAPS in their fight against the criminal elements within our policing area.”

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