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Wentworth rapper reignites hope

The young rapper’s voice is considered an influential and relevant one within his notorious neighbourhood.

WHEN rapper DMC takes to the stage, flames of hope are reignited among the youth of Wentworth.

Known off-stage as Dylan Wheatley, DMC is a young, smart and motivating young man who is making a positive change in his community through his talent. He raps about his personal experiences in life as well as of those he knows have gone through similar situations. The young rapper’s voice is considered an influential and relevant one within his notorious neighbourhood because of his inspiring and uplifting lyricism and his views on youth culture.

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“I released my first mixtape, titled Light in January 2018 and since then I’ve performed in a few places. Songs I performed the most from my mixtape were Worth Your Likes and Suicide Thoughts. I found that people enjoyed it and could connect to these two songs. It’s that connection with my listeners that has made this project so worthwhile. This year I plan to release my second mixtape which is scheduled to drop on Monday, 20 January, titled, Playground.

The 20-year-old has battled depression due to a number of life challenges and shared that putting together his latest mixtape came with its fair share of challenges. “What I really love about this project is that I did a few things that were so different for me like rapping to a house beat and also making a fun song that made people laugh, while still keeping the sentiment of having a deep meaning behind it. I’m hoping that people will enjoy my new project.

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Three years ago DMC availed himself to perform at a few parties hosted by Wentworth Angels and proved an instant hit, loved by many. His relatable raps inspires the youth to never give up despite the difficult circumstances they may face as they venture through life. DMC also does a lot of volunteer work for Wentworth Angels, an organisation that supports and assists the underprivileged in the community. “I am proud mostly because of his age and wanting to make a difference in the lives of many youth, said Tracey Williams, founder of Wentworth Angels of the rising star who is well on his promising rap career and being a beacon hope for his community.


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