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Grosvenor Girls shines in national Afrikaans writing competition

Grosvenor Girls High School made the top 15 in the country in the Beeldskool National Creative Writing Competition.

GRADE 11 Grosvenor Girls learners, Vimbainashe Gobo and Tamika Goosen, were two of a group of learners who entered the National Creative Writing Competition hosted by Beeld Newspapers’ school support division, called Beeldskool.

In the category of Afrikaans first additional language high schools, six Grosvenor Girls learners made the top 40. The school was also part of the top 15 in the country.

Grade 11 learners, Vimbainashe Gobo and Tamika Goosen took part in the National Creative Writing Competition hosted by Beeld Newspapers.

The girls described the opportunity as a great experience and appreciated that their teacher saw potential in them when she entered their essays into the competition.

“My essay was about my name which is in Shona. It means ‘faith in God’ so I explained how it connects me with my culture and faith. I also elaborated on how everyone is born with a special name and why mine is so important to me,” said Vimbainashe.

“I wanted to write about something happening in reality throughout the world. Therefore, I based my essay on rape and racism. I wanted to express my anger and frustration at the situation. I feel like it’s an important topic to speak about because there is so much you can say,” said Tamika.

Both learners enjoy Afrikaans as a subject. Tamika hopes to pursue teaching as a career and Vimbainashe hopes to study medicine.

The school congratulated the learners for their hard work.    

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