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Mozambique Spitting Cobra spotted and rescued in Yellowwood Park

It was an exhilarating capture for professional snake catcher Warren Dick.

IN a recent heart-pounding rescue operation, a Mozambique Spitting Cobra was safely captured after being discovered lurking near a residential area adjacent to the Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve.

The dramatic incident began when a concerned resident of Yellowwood Park, alerted by her husband’s sighting of the dangerous snake on a wall, sought help from Warren Dick, a knowledgeable snake catcher and enthusiast.

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Upon Dick’s prompt arrival, the situation escalated rapidly as he, accompanied by the resident’s gardener, located the cobra near the pool pump housing. Despite initial efforts to capture the snake, it slipped away, vanishing into a narrow crevice beneath the structure.

“There was a slight depression in the ground near the pool net, resembling an old drain. I requested a hose pipe to flush water into the area, hoping to uncover any hiding spots of the snake,” said Dick.

Eventually, he spotted a small opening to the left, and in a gripping instant, the cobra darted out, prompting a flurry of activity from the cobra.

“The snake then retreated through a hole at the base of the wall, re-entering the pool pump housing where I stood. It manoeuvred around my feet; thankfully, I was wearing gumboots,” recounted Dick.

With skilful precision, he managed to safely capture the cobra using specialised tongs.

Reflecting on the intense ordeal, Dick expressed relief at the successful outcome, particularly considering the snake’s proximity to residential areas. Dick released the cobra away from populated regions.

For those requiring assistance with wildlife encounters, Warren Dick can be contacted at 072 211 0353.

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