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Fundamentals Foundation provides community support through sport

The Fundamentals Foundation looks to score big with community support. The organisation focuses on football clinics, outreach programmes and addiction counselling.

JEREMY Oliver, a seasoned soccer coach and fitness trainer, has embarked on a mission to uplift communities through the Fundamentals Foundation.

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Established in 2022, the foundation aims to provide holistic support to disadvantaged individuals, focusing on youth and adults facing challenges, such as addiction and limited access to sports and fitness resources.

“At the Fundamentals Foundation, we are driven by a shared vision of creating a better world for all,” Oliver remarked. “The foundation’s initiatives encompass a wide range of services, including football clinics, workshops, community outreach programmes, addiction counselling and recreational soccer sessions.”

Additionally, the organisation offers competitive travel teams and leagues, fostering both personal growth and community cohesion through sports.

Oliver’s personal journey, marked by his own struggles with addiction, serves as a driving force behind the foundation’s mission. “I’ve experienced first-hand the challenges of addiction and its impact on one’s life trajectory,” he shared.

“Through the Fundamentals Foundation, I aim to provide support and opportunities for individuals to overcome similar obstacles and fulfil their potential.”

Fundamentals Foundation operates as a registered non-profit company, reflecting its dedication to transparency and accountability in its endeavours. Oliver envisions collaborations with schools, clubs and institutions serving marginalised populations, ensuring that essential services reach those who need them most.

Reflecting on the significance of the foundation, Oliver expressed his passion for empowering individuals through sports and support. “The Fundamentals Foundation holds deep personal meaning for me,” he stated. “It’s a testament to my journey and a commitment to giving back to communities that have faced similar challenges.”

For those interested in getting involved or sponsoring one of the foundation’s initiatives, you can contact Jeremy Oliver, founder, at 062 462 3121.

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