City hosts stakeholder engagement session on the Corridors of Freedom

City of Joburg on a mission to develop townships.

Over the past few months the City of Johannesburg has taken a number of game-changing steps to change the urban landscape and prepare the ground for a period of unique development and economic growth.

Mayor Parks Tau held the stakeholder engagement session on the Corridors of Freedom to discuss further projects to be introduced by the city on its mission of developing it.

The session was focusing on the provision of affordable social housing, social relief, developments and services delivery in all Soweto areas and it was attended by property developers, social housing investors and development planners.

“At the core of this, is our belief that a rejuvenated infrastructure and a strong focus on transit-oriented development should guide our development priorities in the coming decades.

“In this, Johannesburg is not different from other global cities such as Vancouver, Hong Kong, Melbourne and the San Francisco Bay Area, where investment in infrastructure resulted in resurgence, in broader economic activity and the rebirth of the city landscapes”.

Tau said: “When we delivered the annual State of the City Address, in May, we referred to it as an opportunity to change the city after our heart’s desire,

“Now, six months later, we have the occasion to take stock of the initial progress we have made and to focus the attention on a few specific aspects of the urban renewal process most notably that of the provision of strategic infrastructure and the opportunities for social housing.”

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