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Police investigate claims

Claims that police were sleeping on duty are being investigated.

Police are investigating a claim that made by a victim of robbery and assault who said they were sleeping and unhelpful.

“We are not sure yet if they (police) were sleeping but we advise the complainant to lay a complaint and we will take it further,” Captain Phillemon Khorombi said.

Osman Goliath said that after he was robbed, stabbed and stripped naked he went to open a case at the police station but upon his arrival in the early hours of the following morning he saw a police officer sleeping.

He also claims that he had no feedback from the police.

“The complainant will be interviewed by the investigating officer and the matter will be dealt with,” Khorombi said.

A neighbourhood watch has been established since the spike of robberies in Eldorado Proper.

“We encourage them to communicate with police because the patrol van cannot be all over and it can’t stand on one spot.

“We would appreciate as much information as possible on criminal activities,” Khormobi said.

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