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Yoga classes continue

The demands for more yoga classes hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

In the world of yoga that provides step-by-step information on practices poses, breathing and meditation form of exercise.

Layla Nizam has taken over the yoga classes at the Coronationville Recreation Centre.

“Due to the increasing demand for yoga classes at the Coronationville Rec centre, we have decided to hold 2two additional trial classes on Thursday February 20 and 27 from 6pm -7 pm,” said Nizam.

“Yoga is for all ages and also great for keeping youngsters busy,” said Nizam

Here are some of the benefits of making yoga part of your lifestyle:

· Helps alleviate stress, anxiety and fatigue

· Stimulates weight loss

· Improves concentration and memory

· Enhances sleep and relaxation

· Lowers blood pressure

· Improves flexibility, agility and balance

· Increases energy and well being

“The yoga classes offered do not have any religious connotations associated with it.

“The benefits that stem from doing yoga are so vast that almost everyone can benefit in some way.

“I would like to encourage all to try it out,” said Nizam

For more information please contact Layla Nizam 083 438 7335.

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