Relief for motorists as petrol price goes down

For the first time this year, petrol price will go down.

Motorists in Gauteng will find relief as petrol price goes down by 15 cents per litre after it has gone up four times this year.

The Department of  Energy said the new petrol price will go down this month due to the international and local factors such as crude oil prices, the Rand/Dollar exchange rate and the prices of finished products.

Minister Dikobe Ben Martins said: “The Rand appreciated against the US Dollar from $10,76 to $10,55 during the period under review.

“This contributed to the fuel price decreases to be effected as of May 7.”

Petrol prices for May in Gauteng will be as follows:

· Diesel will decrease by 29,78 cents per litre.

· Paraffin will decrease by 25,0 cents per litre.

· Petrol will decrease by 15,0 cents per litre.

· Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will decrease by 4,0 cents per kilogram.

“The decrease in the price of illuminating paraffin and Liquefied Petroleum Gas will benefit households that use these products especially as the winter season approaches,” Martins said.

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