Taking action against drugs

Local drug committee take to schools to try deal with prevalent drug use.

The Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC) conducted their school door-to-door campaign at Jabulani Technical Secondary school last week Thursday.

Since their launch, LDAC has been on a mission to educate the youth as one of the ways in which they are taking action against drugs.

Ntombi Dlamini is the chairperson of the committee and she said that they are taking a three tier approach where they prevent use of drugs, identify and control the use of drugs and to treat and rehabilitate drug users.

Their visit to Jabulani Technical high school formed the first part of their approach to the matter and they mechanised this through peer education.

To make the lesson more meaningful, Xolisiwe Mbatha used bubblegum as an example of a young girl, she then asked the pupils if they would like to share with her the same bubblegum and the whole of Grade Eight e refused.

The lesson is that they should be careful of engaging in relationships at a young age because by the time they are ready to be in a relationship they will be much like the used bubblegum that no one wants to chew on.

Mbatha highlighted the dangers of attending bashes and parties, she said it is where the youth are mostly introduced to drugs.

According to Mbatha, Grade Eight pupils suffer an immense amount of peer pressure because they feel they are older and wiser as they are in high school and as they start forming their identity – many may try different things to try and fit in.

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