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Gum tree falls on truck in Welgedacht Road

A gum tree fell on a truck late this morning in Welgedacht Road near Bakerton.

The driver of the truck, Martin Thwala (41), was trying to go around the left side of a stationary car in the road.

When he passed the car, the truck hooked a low hanging branch of the tree and the stump broke.

The tree fell between the horse and trailer, no major damage was caused to the truck.

There is a possibility that the break pipes and other wires may be damaged, but this can only be verified when the tree is removed.

No one was injured in the incident.

Thwala says he heard a loud sound and stopped the truck immediately.

“I got a huge fright and was very shocked,” he says.

Ramesh Sheodin, ward councillor, was a witness to the incident.

“It happened right in front of my eyes,” says Sheodin.

He says it’s lucky that there wasn’t a car at that precise spot, otherwise the car would have been crushed.

“I was driving down Welgedacht Road when I saw the truck coming from the other direction and when I was close to it, the truck went around a car and the tree fell on it.”

Tow truck drivers, paramedics, EMPD officials and a fire truck all arrived on the scene.

The emergency services were not available for comment at the time of going online.

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