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Woman attacked in broad daylight for jewellery

A Geduld resident was assaulted by three unknown men while walking in East Geduld Road last Wednesday afternoon.

Joey Engelbrecht (46) explains how she was attacked from behind after returning from the shop to buy glue for her son’s school project.

She explains that she walked past a man sitting on the pavement who mumbled something under his breath, she stopped to ask him what he said and walked on when he mumbled something in return.

“I barely walked another block when I felt someone behind me and suddenly felt a knife at my throat,” says Engelbrecht.

“He spoke Afrikaans and said if I shout, he will kill me.”

She furthers tells how two other men arrived and threatened her.

One of them asked her for money, and regardless of how many times she told him she did not have any, he continued to threaten her.

“He must have thought I was lying because he started groping everywhere for money,” she says.

Engelbrecht adds that she saw two women walking their way but when they spotted them, they turned around and ran.

“I am a big woman, I cannot run away,” she says

They eventually fled with her gold bracelet, silver earrings and the glue.

“I immediately ran home and phoned the police for assistance, but they did not arrive,” says Engelbrecht.

She feels women are no longer safe walking the streets in broad daylight and is astounded no one stopped to help her.

“What is a woman’s life really worth?” she asks.

“Where is help when you need it, people see you are in danger but make no move to help?”

The Addie is awaiting comment from the Springs SAPS.

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