Geduld war monument and park an eyesore for residents

“Rats and mice are now a problem in the area because of the rubbish,” says van Rhyn.

Residents in Geduld are outraged by the state of the war monument and surrounding park.

The area has litter strewn all over with people dumping their rubbish and building materials there illegally.

Resident Leon van Rhyn says: “The area has been a huge problem for years now.


Residents dismayed by the state of the war memorial

“During the day, you have the recycling people coming here to sort out their rubbish and then they leave it there.

“You also have people who live here because I have seen them washing their clothes and there are faeces everywhere.

“Rats and mice are now a problem in the area because of the rubbish,” says van Rhyn.

Van Rhyn is also especially worried about the birdlife whose natural habitat is being destroyed.

Residents went on to say that refuse removal is very inconsistent and have resorted to using the nearby dump and hiring labourers to clean up the park.

Vagrants have taken to using the monument as a place to burn their rubbish and to sleep.

“This is not something we can ignore or live with as it is happening right in front of our houses.

“We now look like dirty people who don’t take pride in their environment, ” says Kats and Hennie Naude.

The Naudes say their efforts feel fruitless as two days after they clean up, the area looks exactly like it was before.

The residents say they want the park to remain where it is, they just want it to be clean.

In addition to the rubbish, residents are also concerned about the park as it is being used as an illegal truck-stop at night and in the early hours of the morning.

“There are double-cab trucks that park here and drive on our roads, which were not built to handle that weight.

“They are slowly damaging the roads over time. What used to be a drain, no longer is one and instead just floods when it rains,” says van Rhyn.

Ward councillor Lorna Beharie says residents should remember that it is illegal to dispose of household and building rubble in parks.


Thanks to the rubbish collectors

“It’s in contravention of the by-laws and punishable with a fine. Anyone found dumping will be prosecuted.

“There are facilities available to dispose of household and building rubble and I urge residents to make use of these.

“Skips can be hired from the municipality and privately.

“It’s extremely unhygienic and I appeal to residents to be considerate of the residents living close to the park and the wider community.

“Let’s keep our parks beautiful so it can be enjoyed by all residents,” says Beharie.

The metro failed to respond in time for publication.

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